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About us

We share the finest flower, cleanest marijuana concentrates, and the most potent edibles with our growing list of friends in compliance with District of Columbia Initiative 71. If you are looking for where to find marijuana in DC, look no further. Concentrates are lab tested. Feel free to call or text us for more info.



  • XJ-13 hybrid

  • Super Silver OG hybrid

  • Blue Muffin hybrid

  • Bubblegum hybrid

  • Lost Soul indica

  • Mango Cheese indica

  • Lost Soul indica

  • Shiskaberry indica

  • Black Water indica

  • Sour Diesel sativa

  • Super Silver Haze sativa

  • Peach Trainwreck sativa

  • Super Skunk sativa


    Live Resin

  • Blue Thai indica

  • Sour Tangie sativa

  • Golden Lemon sativa

  • Jack's Cleaner sativa

  • Jelly Wax

  • Jagoo hybrid

  • C-99 hybrid

  • Velvet Purps indica

  • Strawberry Fields sativa

  • Shatter

  • Gorilla Glue sativa

Vape Oil Pens

    Live Resin

  • Chem OG sativa

  • Sour Tangie sativa

  • CO2

  • Tardis hybrid

  • Strawberry Kush hybrid

  • Blackberry hybrid

  • G-13 1G indica

  • Blueberry 1G indica

  • Blue Cheese indica

  • Sunset Sherbert 1G sativa

  • Gorilla Glue sativa

  • Distillate

  • GSC hybrid

  • Blue Cheese indica

  • Lemon Haze sativa

  • Pineapple Express sativa


  • Hard Candies 50mg
  • Lollipops 100mg
  • Gummy Bears 25mg
  • Rice Crispy Treats 100mg